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January 25, 2009

On the 25th of January 2009, at approximately 10:30pm, I made a decision. Or maybe more accurately, I realized that a decision had already been made somewhere in my subconscious mind.

I decided I would live the rest of my life as a man.

I commemorated this decision with a text message to five of my friends:

What would you do/think/feel if I decided to live as a boy?

That evening, I had brief back-and-forth discussions with these friends about what I meant by that and what my name would be, and so on. Over the next few weeks I joined various trans groups discovered through the Howard Brown Health Center and started the process of planning my transition. I came out to my friends, my family, and my jobs. I was invited to go live with my friends in New York while I began this stage of my life journey.

And so it began.