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adventures in doctor-land

May 21, 2009

The 21st of May: My first doctor’s appointment at Callen Lorde to begin the process of Transgender HRT. As recalled one week later.

I check in at the front desk, and though I’ve been told ahead of time to bring proof of residence and proof of either insurance or income, in truth they don’t ask for these things and seem to be taking my word for it. I head upstairs to the Medical floor and am shortly called into an examination room. A nurse takes my vitals and tells me “don’t be nervous, we’ll be good to you.” Minutes later Hot Young Doctor Guy In A Tight Shirt comes in (I swear, I thought I’d fallen into a porn or something). As I’m more of the listening sort and am probably giving off Craving Information vibes, HYDGIATS spends what seems like the entire time talking at me about procedures and options and possibilities and side effects of going on hormone therapy. All the while he’s listening to my lungs, palpating me… you know. Doctory things. Hahaha. He finishes up, asks if I have any more questions, and sends me off to another floor for my blood draw.

The phlebotomist is also distractingly attractive (and female), and I comment on her skill with the needle. She grins at me, sticks a wad of gauze to my arm, and sends me off.

At the front desk I pay my bill and ask about a counseling appointment; then it’s back upstairs to schedule one. Surprisingly, they have an opening for that very day, so I head up to work for an hour before coming back.

At noon I meet with Hot Young Motherly Counselor (apparently I’m having a Shallow Day) for half an hour or so. She begins with:

“This is not a gender test. I’m not here to determine whether you’re trans enough.”

This is nice to hear. We talk about me a lot, and I find myself feeling oddly calm and open. I walk out of that meeting holding a list of local therapists I can check out. If I feel like it.

At the front desk, I make another appointment to see HYDGIATS in two weeks.

I’ve been waiting for this day for months, and at the end of it all I’m both massively relieved that it’s finally happening and wondering what I was so nervous about in the first place.