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One Year Later

January 28, 2010

This week (Monday, to be precise) marks my one-year anniversary of deciding to transition. It’ll be a little while before the anniversary of Transition being anything other than a thought in my mind, but January 25th 2009 was one of those days I’ll remember forever because of that very important thing that happened in my head.

Since then I have reached out to local transgender support groups, made several trans* friends, reconnected with an old one, had a ritual coming-out party, started T, run out of my T prescription, failed to get around to legally changing my name, started two classes where I am simply known as male and not as a transitioning person, started blogging here, left off blogging here, gotten a job, begun training in stage combat and acting, sought prospects for my future as a performer, and felt a consistent desire to have a future as — well, anything. I have learned to design emails and websites with HTML and CSS, to use words like “SEO” and “affiliate marketing” and “link building”, and how to hand-roll a cigarette. I have remembered that acne is a pain in the ass and that short hair is fun. 2009 was quite a year.

Now we’re near the end of the first month of 2010, and I’m sitting in my neighborhood coffee shop whose employees know me as Gabriel and who know my regular order (grilled chicken wrap, black coffee) and who tolerate my working on my laptop for hours at a time. 🙂

Since starting to move in the world as a man it’s not uncommon for a woman walking ahead of me on the sidewalk to glance nervously over her shoulder, then move more quickly or shift to the side or cross the street. Which sparks thoughts of a more complicated post on how I’m now, oddly, more comfortable participating in conversations about gender dynamics and the fear of male-stranger-assault that is supposedly ingrained in every woman. (I have in the past felt awkward in such discussions because I cannot recall ever living with that walking-down-the-street fear and I felt there was something wrong with either me or with the premise, but now that I can comfortably remove myself from the category “woman” to which that rule applies, I can interrogate the rule without it being so personal? Something?)

There is also a post in there about my awakening awareness of rape culture and the male role in overturning it that’s been tumbling about in my mind ever since cereta’s post “On rape and men (Oh yes, I’m going there)” that practically everyone on livejournal commented on.

This is not that post, but those are things I want to formulate thoughts on and talk about. Now here’s a question –

What do YOU want me to talk about?

All six of you that read this blog, that is. Prompts and questions and commentary are more than welcome.

Happy genderbending. Happy 2010.


"I have a c*nt, so that makes me… a man"

August 11, 2009

Found this gem via bilerico. Funny, sarcastic responses to some of the questions trans persons get asked… a lot. ❤

I especially like Charles’ response to the first question,

“What if you were born into the right body?”

Um… I sort of like being trans. Uh… Do you mean into a body that might get me laid more? I kind of like my body. I don’t… I don’t think I understand this question.
What if you were born into the right body?

Sure, I experience body dysphoria at times. Sure, certain things about my life now would be easier if I’d been male-assigned at birth. And menstruation was pretty much the suck for most of my life and now that the magic of hormones has ended that I’m pretty much thrilled. But, two buts (heh, I said butts):

1. Easier is not the same as better
2. There are lessons I learned as a modern dancer about inhabiting exactly the body that I’m in as my instrument and using it and loving it. Body-positivity as a political and personal truth is really important to me; so if there are changes I want to make to my physical form, they are to move forward from this point, not to correct a mistake in the form God gave me. The complicated and unusual history that’s written on this body is a blessing — sometimes a difficult one, but never a curse.

Sometimes I find myself in the position of being the ‘good’ trans friend that you can talk to about stuff without setting off a landmine of rage. In large part this is a choice, a natural one that comes from my generally even-tempered approach to the world, from my tendency to detach and intellectualize problems and think about them calmly and rationally, and from my intense desire to understand the world from perspectives that are not my own. Sometimes I recognize that this can be problematic, and sometimes I have to remind myself that understanding other perspectives doesn’t have to undermine my own. I wish there were an easy way to communicate that the reverse is also true — that my perspective on gender does not have to invalidate that of my cis* friends who have trouble shifting my pronouns and/or don’t think they’ll ever be comfortable thinking of me as a he. As long as there is tolerance, and a recognition that if that barrier to accepting my male identity exists, it will be a barrier between us in certain situations. And as long as we all remember that I am more than my trans identity (and really, if we’re not the most intimate of friends, as long as you use my new name and the pronouns I ask you to use, I don’t really care if in your own head you think of me as a man or as a nontraditional woman — that’s a concession I wish I didn’t have to make, but it is a reality.)

Sometimes it’s really nice to see the kind of truthful sarcasm in the above video, though. So when I’m asked the standard questions, I’ll probably answer them kindly and truthfully, or tell the asker to please back off because my genitals are none of their business, but my inner monologue might be a little different. Especially if I’m tired and cranky.

In transition news, I’ve started to see a tiny bit of growth on my upper lip like a wisp of a hint of a mustache. o/ It’s possible I’m the only one who can see this.

It’s the little things that make me happy. 😀